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-Safra Project conference, 'Queer Muslim Women Today', keynote Speakers: Podcast of all speakers and discusion can be found at this link

Sarah Colborne
Presentation: Opposing Israeli PinkWashing - Working together to challenge prejudice and campaign for human rights listen here





Dr Ghazala Anwar
Presentation: 'Women’s same-sex relationships in Islamic theology' listen here







Asst. Prof. Anissa Helie
Presentation: 'Beyond Persian Vice or Western Disease' listen here






Q&A discussion podcast Chaired by Dr. Umut Erel, Board member of Safra Project and lecturer in Sociology at the Open University listen here




-BBC 5 Live radio- Gay Muslim marriage
20/2/'11 Listen here...
by Mobeen Azhar
News article from BBC5 Live radio, reporting on gay Muslim marriage.

-Homosexuality Is Not Fornication But Love, Says ZMD Germany's Islamic Org‏anisation
6/1/10 Listen here...
[Length: 3:46 min]
Islam and homosexuality can go together, finally. A new speech ("Islamic Word") has been published on the website of Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland (ZMD) (= Central Council of Muslims in Germany) as one of a series on speeches on Islamic topics.
The author, Hilal Sezgin - a Muslim woman writer and journalist, says, "I cannot imagine that God woud not accept two people loving each other - irrespective of what their bodies look like. (....) Because homosexuality does not automatically mean "fornication", but is a form of love and pleasing God."
Link to the manuscript:

-Gay Community Thrives in Lebanon
by Shereen Meraji
Listen here...
Homosexuality is forbidden in most of the Arab world, and is against the law in Lebanon. But the gay community is quietly flourishing in Beirut, and some young Lebanese are hoping to spark a dialogue about homosexuality in their country.

-BBC Asian Network Radio- Report: God Knows I'm Gay
9/07/'07 Listen here...
Bindya Solanki talks to young gay Asians about their troubles and triumphs looking for love.

-BBC World Service, Heart and Soul Programme- Gay and Muslim in the UK
by Shazia Khan
5/8/'06 Listen here
Shazia Khan explores one of the biggest taboos facing Muslims living in the United Kingdom.

-BBC Radio 4, Sunday Programme on Gay Muslims
15/1/'06 Listen here...
Last week Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, said that homosexuality is immoral, harmful and not acceptable in Islam. The police are reported to be investigating Sir Iqbal's remarks to see if they breach the Public Order Act.
Shazia Khan examines the tensions that exist within the Muslim community on the gay issue.