What we do

In the first phase of the Safra Project we researched and identified (some of the) key needs and issues relating to Muslim LBT women in the UK, with a particular focus on access to appropriate social and legal services. In the course of this research we held a Focus Meeting with social and legal service providers in London in April 2002 and a Conference with Muslim LBT women in Manchester in June 2002. The findings of the research are published in a report entitled 'Initial Findings - Identifying the difficulties experienced by Muslim LBT women in accessing social and legal services'. From January 2003 until February 2004 we had been running an interim phase during which we continued to provide information and raise awareness on the key findings of the report. We also moderated and expanded an online network of Muslim LBT women and provided consultancies on relevant legal and policy issues in order to tackle (multiple) discrimination and (interrelated) prejudices. In addition, we undertook a research project on Sexuality, Gender and Islam, which is now published on our website.

Safra Project Phase Two started in March 2004 and was a three year project working towards our aims as stated above. We added the 'Resources and Downloads' page which contains personal, self written stories of Muslim LBT women. It also contains prose and poetry and audio files on the subject of Islam and sexuality.

In 2007 we entered our second interim phase. We continue to provide information and raise awareness on the key findings of the Initial Findings report, the research on Sexuality, Gender and Islam and our aims as stated above.

Currently, Safra has become primarily an online resource. Collecting and profiling the progressive changes in Muslim communities across the globe, particularly on gender and sexuality. Also, connecting our stakeholders through socials and our online e-list to one another. This has been our current focus on no funds and lots of voluntary time and skills from volunteers and the Board.